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You are likely to land 3x more interviews with a professionally crafted resume. After all, recruiters only get a few minutes to look over a resume and make their decision. So if you want to stand out in the talent pool and get the job you are looking for, our resume writing services in Dubai got you covered.

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Whether you are interested in switching your jobs or you are looking to kick start your career, our professional writing services in Dubai and Sharjah have your back. No wonder why so many people trust our resume writing service in UAE. We know what grabs the attention of the recruiter. We know what can help you turn opportunities into achievements. Our resume writers can take your 3-pager information and convert into a job-winning resume!

To help your resume stand out from the clutter, we highlight the most important components of your background, such as your academic achievements, work experience, and professional skills. We also highlight if you have any hobbies or interests relevant to your career. In this way, we use 1 page but show exactly what the recruiter wants to see. How cool is that?

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Whether you are applying for an executive position at a big firm or you are starting as an intern in a startup, our resume experts have the knack for curating the best resumes in UAE. Our professional resume writing services in UAE considers quality as a top priority. We have a pool of expert writers who are well-versed with employment requirements of different fields. They understand what works for recruiters, be it in IT, finance, HR, or legalities.

In this way, we create a perfect resume according to the requirements of our clients. Moreover, we focus on creativity, ensuring the resume is visually appealing as well. Our fast turnaround time further ensures that you can get your resume before opportunity closes. Even if you want a resume in one day, our expert resume services can fulfill your request.

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Have you tried creating a good resume but failed over time? Unable to fit all your information in one page? Failed to secure a job using your old resume? Chances are there are major mistakes with your resume despite having a good profile. And this is where we come in picture. At CV Maker Dubai, you can get the best resume writing services in the UAE at the cheapest prices. So whether you are switching your career or just starting in an industry, we got you covered!

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Unless luck is in your favor, it's not easy to cut hundreds of other competent resumes to land an interview call, especially if you are just starting your career. Employers spend hardly a few minutes to go over a resume and make their decision whether to call the candidate for the interview or not. This means you need to create a strong resume that not only stands out but communicates exactly what the recruiter wants to see. And this is what we focus on at CV Maker Dubai.

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Our resume writing services in Abu Dhabi have helped both recent graduates and experienced professionals looking to change their careers. Writing a resume or CV might seem like a very difficult job at first. But our professional resume writers know how to create a CV from scratch that shows the potential of our client in a visually appealing manner. We can also help you define your career shifts in the resume and curate a CV that the recruiters in your industry are looking for.

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What makes our services further unique is a commitment to proficient customer service. We are available 24/7 to answer your queries and provide on-time revisions. Whether you want to place an order or have a question regarding our resume writing service, our customer service team will help you through thick and thin. You can also talk to our resume writers in Dubai regarding your order.

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What's the difference between CV and resume?

There's not a lot of difference between CV and resume. A resume is a one or two page document, which is created for a specific job. Resumes are usually short in length and describe the most relevant information about the candidate. On the other hand, a CV is a long-form academic document that includes all the information about the candidate, ranging from their academic achievements to awards they have won.

Is Google Docs good for resumes?

Google Docs is a good option for creating a resume but it offers only limited templates.

How long should your resume be?

Since a resume only includes specific information about the candidate, it should be one or two pages long.

Is it unprofessional to have color in your resume?

This depends upon the job you are applying at. Generally, for creative fields, such as graphic designing, a little splash of color is fine. But it's not recommended to use a lot of color in other resumes because it can pose as a distraction.

How many mistakes are acceptable on a resume?

Some recruiters can get annoyed even at the slightest spelling mistake. Therefore, it is recommended to recheck your resume again and again to avoid as many mistakes as possible, be it in terms of spellings or designing.

What things should you not write in your resume?

There are a couple of things you should avoid putting in your resume, including:

  • A photograph
  • Full home address
  • Company-specific jargon
  • Outdated contact information

The aforementioned components can make the resume look unprofessional and put off the recruiter.